Calculate the fee or daily rate as a photographer

Calculate the fee or daily rate as a photographer

Your price as a photographer largely determines whether you as a photographer can make a living from your work or not. I think we agree on that, right?

I hear and read the question from above all the time, including the confusion about the enormous price differences.

New photographers find it incredibly difficult to set their price, then orientate themselves on the “average” and believe that they cannot go wrong. This is exactly the safest way to doom, because the average price offered is no longer one that can ensure your survival as a photographer.

Unfortunately, often photographers don’t want to give it away and don’t reveal their price calculation which is pretty nonsense. Precisely because of this, we probably have this situation where new photographers enter a discount war that no one can survive.

The entire industry would be helped if those with experience would help those without a little. That’s why every photographer should talk openly about pricing.

A sample calculation for photographers

Calculation for photographers is relatively easy. You write down everything that you have to spend in order to be able to do your job at all. Really everything.

So of course camera, lenses, all equipment, computer, screen, tablet, whatever you have to buy to do your work.

This also includes all insurance, your car (at least partially if you also use it privately), all office utensils, marketing expenses, website, printed matter, paper, further training in which you invest, etc.

Just really everything.

You shouldn’t forget anything. Because no matter what it is, you are not allowed to pay it out of your own private pocket. Everything that is necessary so that you can do your work will have to be paid by your customers in the future.

Otherwise you don’t have a business, but a hobby that you finance to make others happy.

There is nothing to be said against it, only if you give your work to companies that earn money with your work just to have fun doing your work, then that’s maybe not a good idea. To put it gently you calculate all of this for a year.

So, if you can use your camera for a maximum of 5 years, for example, calculate the price by 5, which is what it costs you for a year. You should also factor in new purchases, repairs, service costs, etc. The more you consider here, the less you end up paying on it.

Then you work out roughly how many working days you have a year. And please keep in mind that as a self-employed person you can also get sick and need vacation in between to avoid getting sick.

So, even if in reality you may work 365 days a year at the beginning (which I would not recommend) these are of course not the days you are calculating here.

For example, 2018 had 247 working days minus all holidays and weekends. If you deduct another 25 vacation days for yourself, you have 222 days on which you can work. If you never get sick.

Ok, how much do you want / have to earn in order to be able to make a decent living?

For the sake of simplicity, let’s calculate with 2,000 net. (12 times a year.) That is anything but much, but that corresponds roughly to the average earnings, 14 times that would be 1,700 net monthly.

To do this, you need around 30,000.00 incomes per year, so that after deducting the taxes you will pay for it, you get these 2,000.00 x 12.

But what we have not yet calculated is social security.
In order for you to get your 30,000.00 income, you need roughly 42,000.00 income.

Of course, that’s still not it. Of course, what your job costs you per year has to be added on top of that. As discussed at the beginning, your customer has to pay, not you.

Let’s assume for our calculation example that you spend 20,000 euros per year and they are gone faster than you think.

Let’s assume for our calculation example that you spend 20,000 euros per year (they will go faster than you think).

We are now putting that on the 42,000.00 and are at the 62,000.00 turnover that you need per year. And because you, as an entrepreneur, also pay sales tax, there is also 20% sales tax that you won’t pay out of your own pocket. That’s 12,400 euros on top again.

So now we are at 74,400 euros gross sales that you need at least in the year to earn 1,700 euros net per month.

And as you will find out when you do the math for yourself, I haven’t exaggerated the annual expenses. But on the contrary. But for this example calculation, let’s just assume that’s enough.


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