How to become a photographer even without training?

How to become a photographer even without training?

First to-do list for aspiring professional photographers

Photography is a natural art of capturing photos and pictures. If you want to, you can start photography without any training. Just grab your camera and start taking pictures. So photographer is a free trade. After years of discussion, photography has also been a free trade in UK since the beginning of 2014, as in much of the rest of the world.

In plain language that means, anyone who gets a trade license is allowed to become a photographer and work as a professional. The “photographer training” is no longer an obligation. So the question is no longer whether you can become a photographer, but should you also be a photographer?

The subtle difference between can and should

Become a photographer because you love your camera and friends tell you your photos are great?

I know many people with many talents. People who invite us to dinner and the evening feels better than in a gourmet restaurant. Because no restaurant can beat the combination of a private atmosphere and outstanding culinary skills.

Does that automatically mean that each of them is a professional chef and should open a restaurant tomorrow?

Definitely not.

The difference between cooking for friends and running your own restaurant is; and we are sure to quickly agree, enormous.

‘Being able to be a photographer doesn’t necessarily mean you should’.

It doesn’t look much different in photography.

The fact that you enjoy taking photos your photos are good and that you no longer need any training as a photographer does not automatically mean that you will also enjoy working as a photographer. And believe me; when it comes to solely talent, it is overrated. It is not only for talented people to get to success in the new job of photography.

“Hey, this should be a motivating article about getting started with professional photography. And then that? ”

Yes, we have to go through that now. Only this time. When that’s behind us, the nice part comes, become a photographer. Before taking any other step after this, it should be carefully considered whether one is really ready to take this step into professional photography. And we’re not talking about training as a photographer or not yet. That’ll come later.

Since the opening of businesses in Austria in 2014, online searches have shown a clear pattern.

If you type in “Become a photographer”, you automatically find: Become a photographer from a career path, become a photographer without training, become a photographer, become a photographer, qualification as a photographer, freelance photographer, etc.

Logically, you can become a photographer without training. But not without knowledge, preparation and education in whatever form. Taking beautiful photos alone is simply not enough. The numbers speak for themselves:

“More than 1/3 of all small businesses do not survive the first year. 80% do not survive the first 5 years. ”

In Austria alone, almost 9,000 photographers are now registered as a business and are working in the field on photography. It is almost logical and obvious that only a part of them can earn a living.

Of course, an incorrect or non-existent calculation of your fees is responsible for the majority of these tragic cases. But that alone would be too short-sighted.

If you want to be one of those who can do it, you will have to think differently than 90% do. Becoming a photographer doesn’t mean buying a camera, taking a few photos and selling them.

First of all, it means starting your own business!

That means paying taxes, paying SVA, dealing with the business side and pricing, creating a job for yourself, buying equipment, running costs, sitting in front of screens longer than you can imagine, taking countless defeats for every sense of achievement and take on an enormous responsibility. But if you love this job, there is definitely no one better!


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