Mental and Physical Fitness of a Photographer

Mental and Physical Fitness of a Photographer

Find a sport

No joke. You’ll spend more hours in front of screens than you could ever imagine. Write and read more emails than ever before. And only spend 10% of your time taking photos. Staying physically fit will be urgently needed. I’m writing this with a guilty conscience, sleep deprivation and a papa belly. Maybe a so-called “self-reminder”

In addition, in most sports you learn what will also be necessary for your new career, perseverance.

Speaking of stamina – you won’t always be highly motivated. Let yourself be motivated, inspired and, if possible, exchange ideas with colleagues. You will see that you are not alone with this.

And as far as motivation goes, print out this mantra:

‘Motivation arises when we leave, not when we stand and wait for it.

In other words, if you’re waiting for motivation and inspiration, that might just be the problem. Just start with something (literally meant). You will see that motivation arises in the process. If you just wait, nothing will happen.

For this reason, we are also doing a “FotoFit Challenge ” in the “Photographers 2.0” Facebook group . The participants were initially skeptical, but realized relatively quickly that this would actually help them.

Be a (good!) Entrepreneur 

A point that I haven’t understood 100% for far too long, like most people in the creative industries. We want to be artists, artisans, or at least “creative” people, but we don’t really want to be entrepreneurs.

We don’t want to “sell” anything. That sounds so terrible to us. Might be. But if you find yourself in this way of thinking and you want from life what you offer as a service or product, then this also includes the very clear decision to take responsibility for the sale of your services or products yourself now. Becoming a photographer means becoming an entrepreneur.

Most photographers still mistakenly believe that “a good job is the only marketing you need”. This is one of the main reasons why so many drown in discount price wars and fail. Those who do not know the value of their own work and can communicate and sell accordingly have no chance. Not pretty, but true.

If you get a job at a company that does bad marketing, that sells their product badly, you won’t have that job for long because the company doesn’t make any money and can’t pay you.

Best understand now, immediately and on the spot that you are now your own company and your only employee. So if you don’t sell, you won’t be able to finance yourself (your rent, your family, etc.). You have to think like an entrepreneur . Point.

This list is not (yet) complete. I will continue to expand it and write my own articles on the items in the list, so check back every now and then so you don’t miss the updates.

This also fits this question from the 1000 questions:  low-cost providers and pricing 

Have you read these 8 points and thought with each of them “Sounds great, let’s go! “?. Then you should become a photographer, you will have a lot of fun starting your own photography business.

I wish you good luck!

PS: If you have read is this far, the probability is quite high that you mean business and that you have what it takes to go the long way that lies ahead of you. With a strong team you can go part of the way together and you can benefit from each other’s experiences and mistakes that they have already made for you:

You want yourself not work all the time?

– Ideas but no results?
– Motivation but no customers?
– Customers but the sales are not really getting going?

Let someone help you who has been where you are, knows and sees your problems and can give you a clear structure. A strong team does that work. They deal with all topics that affect your independence and will improve it in monthly coachings.


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