Some Misconceptions that need to be clear as a Photographer

Some Misconceptions that need to be clear as a Photographer

  1. Every customer is the most important (but no one is king)

Treat every job and client you get as if it were the biggest and most important assignment a photographer has ever received. Because that is exactly what it is for you at the moment, especially when you start. And for the customer himself, the job he gives you is the most important thing anyway.

All advertisements, portfolios, exhibitions, books and publications are nothing compared to good old word of mouth. You are building your portfolio and your reputation in the first few years. If the results are good and the customers are satisfied, things are going earlier than you think and better than you think.

BUT! As important as customers and good cooperation are, you should urgently ban the adage “the customer is king”.

The idea behind it is not entirely wrong, but as it is interpreted and lived by most – especially in photography – a real disaster.


Shift to collaboration model that is beneficial for both the entities. The cooperation with the customers exactly fulfills the meaning of the word. This does not mean that someone pays amount X and receives what they want immediately at any time without any ifs or buts. That just means that we must work out exactly what each of us will bring to this collaboration.

Don’t get me wrong, this is definitely not a call to arrogance. On the contrary. Be nice, be accommodating, treat your customers how you want to be treated. But there is no question of submission. And whoever misbehaves as a customer is not a king, but simply someone who misbehaves. Remember! Respect is not a one-way street.

You need to clearly summarize the whole respect basic rules and paste it in your studio.

Becoming a photographer never stops – learn and share your knowledge

In photography you can literally never stop learning. There are always new ideas, different approaches, inspirations, techniques. If you stop learning, you stop growing. Not only does it ensure that you develop as a photographer, it will also enrich your life.

And that’s what you wanted, right? Not a job that bores you, but live your passion.

Read other photographers’ blogs, invest in online courses, invest in your work. And at the same time pass on your knowledge to those who are not as advanced as you are. You will be surprised what comes back for it. Together you always get further than if you lock up your knowledge at home and take good care of it.

It is best to find a mentor or several, i.e. people who are already successful in what you want to do. And then listen to them, read their blogs and books, attend their lectures, etc. Investing in knowledge pays off the most of all investments. When faced with the decision objective or knowledge, choose knowledge.

Just a few examples of good intentions in knowledge:

You can arrange a team; let’s say it “Growing together” and arrange a regular live coaching trip with question / answer session to solve the photography related problems together there and then while they arise.

For example, you can be the one organizing a fantastic road trip with six lectures on a single topic, under the title “ Become successful, overcome your fears and develop into a better entrepreneur in the creative industry ”. All of the six photographers will tell their best tips and lecture on how to do it.

Few Practical Tips

Learn to use lightning

If you are not quite familiar with using lightning, you should definitely become one of those who do. Being able to flash means you can create your own lighting mood, no matter where you are. If the available light isn’t nice enough, just make your own if you know how. An absolute advantage for every customer job that will be worthwhile for you in many ways.

Photographers 2.0 Facebook Group

I recently founded this group for like-minded photographers who not only want to arrive in the digital age with their equipment, but also with their way of thinking and working. We achieve more together than against each other. We exchange ideas there on topics such as customer acquisition, digital marketing, etc.


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