Spending money vs. investing in Photography

Spending money vs. investing in Photography

The commercial part also includes an important point that many understand too late: From now on there is a difference between investing and spending money.

As an employee, you may still be used to spending money.

You get a salary, you buy something from it, then the money is gone.

End of the story.

But as a self-employed person there is also something like “investment”. You have to invest part of the money you make with your work in your company. In equipment, in the office or studio, in knowledge and training. That’s part of your job now.

Investing means spending money on something that will help you make more money with it. Does that sound obvious? But it is not for many or too many simply do not think about it.

“I can’t afford a tax advisor; I’m just getting started” is one of the sentences that people say as an excuse. The opposite is the case. You’re just getting started, you can’t afford to get started without a tax advisor. This will be one of your first really important investments. It is the same with investments in further training.

And by no means do I mean sinfully expensive business courses!

They have their place. But of course, you first have to be able to afford a good coach or course. And that’s when things get tight, especially at the beginning.

3. Find your “why”

Sure, it sounds a bit strange as an introduction. “I want to become a photographer; why should I ask myself why” …

By “why” I don’t mean “because I want to quit my job, my boss is an A *** h and I want to make a living from photography”.

That’s a result, not a why. Just like money is an outcome, not a why.

I mean the really intensive examination of the question ” why do I do what I do and why do I like to get up in the morning “.

Because the booked of your new full-frame camera is so beautiful and you are looking forward to the results?

This may be a short term why for you. But in the long run it doesn’t make you happy.

I don’t want to go too deep here either. Just this much: If you know your why and there is a strong why, then that will have a huge impact on your success or failure as a photographer in the long term.

My work as a photographer became successful the moment I decided ” I want to help other people with what I do first of all “.

I know. Sounds like a miss election and the famous answer “world peace”.

But you will see, the stronger your own “why”, the better you will be able to communicate that to other people, the more people will appear in your life who have the same “why” as you, the more customers you will have that is exactly why you want to work with you, the more satisfaction you will have in your job and life …

Oh and by the way, all the numbers will increase that we are constantly chasing way too much.

Likes, followers, orders, fees, so unfortunately the taxes, but whoever has to pay a lot of taxes could earn a lot beforehand.

How do you find your why?

Finding the why can be lengthy and tricky. But for now this will help you:

First ask yourself – and take some time for it – ” why do I want to be a photographer “.
If you have a first answer, for example ” because I love working with the camera “,
then ask this why again: ” Why do I love working with the camera “.
Your answer could be ” because I enjoy capturing my view of things “.
And again you ask ” Why do I enjoy it “.
” Because I can use it to make other people think ” etc.

This is just an example, where your path will lead you I don’t know. But you can say on average we should question our “why” at least 5 times in order to come to a “real” why. Just like children do instinctively.


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