Things to fix as a Photographer

Things to fix as a Photographer:

  1. Portfolio and website

No matter how beautiful your photos are, if they are not presented beautifully, the effect is completely lost. Your website is your visiting card on the internet and your best sales force!

Every potential customer will take a look. Show him that he is in good hands with you. Both with the visual impression of your website and photos, as well as with the texts and what you show about yourself.

With WordPress and a good template, you can build a decent portfolio at low cost right from the start. The Portfolio website just got easier with Squarespace .

You can afford a designer later. And I would recommend that as much as I would recommend our customers to book a good photographer and not someone naïve.

Be tough on yourself when choosing images for the portfolio. Show only the best, not too much, not too little. Throw out what does not meet your own requirements 100%. And set the bar for these demands higher rather than lower.

Website as a sales representative

Your website does not just serve the purpose of a digital business card . It is also an important means of finding and retaining customers. Done right, you can address potential customers directly on your website, get in touch with them and remind them of you and your services over and over again.

A beautiful website with beautiful pictures alone is not doing anything for your business. I know that if you are just starting out you won’t believe me. I didn’t want to believe anyone back then either.

But I have experienced it first hand and on my own website and now know that it is just brutal truth. A beautiful page with beautiful pictures is just not enough.

You have to know exactly what the purpose of your website is, you have to work out the path of your customers strategically, so to speak, think carefully about what you would like them to do on your website, then measure and adjust it meticulously.

Then you will see that your website will be your most valuable first employee helping you to target the right customers for you and leading them to you.

These customers will not just contact you, they will also be in the right mindset and you will no longer have to “sell” anything.

Write a blog

It doesn’t necessarily have to be the Tips & Tricks blog, it doesn’t have to be elaborate making of films, you can blog about a lot in photography. You can learn how to do this correctly by observing all the other field photographers.

It’s guaranteed to be worth it. If you think “who needs a blog, there are already so many” – you need this blog. Blogs make you as a person and photographer more tangible. People would get a feel that you will be knowledgeable.

In addition, it will help you personally and in your job if you pass on your knowledge. “He who teaches, learns twice,” said Goethe.

I’ve learned one thing in all the jobs I’ve done – writing helps you manifest some things yourself. And if it just serves that purpose, then you’ve already won.

Tell everyone and everyone

If you really decide to become a professional photographer; this also applies to all other self-employed, then call yourself that from now on. No half-hearted terms, no “I’m trying”, or “I will get there”.

Nothing there, you’re a photographer from today. Point. Nobody waited for you to finally show your pictures and work for customers. Nobody knows about it. Tell everyone.

Hand out your business cards; they don’t deserve their own point, falls under marketing in general tell about your website, go out and find potential customers, just buy someone a coffee again.

Online is good and important, but personal contact always wins. If someone who wants to book a photographer and only knows someone from his website, someone else whose work he also likes but has already talked about last weekend over coffee, guess who he’ll call.

So, try to leverage the personal contacts as much as you can. And reach out to people, attend events. Work on both online and offline marketing.


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